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El Bawadi Tehina | 125 gm

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Brand: El Bawadi
• Product: El Bawadi Tehina
• Size: 125 gm
• Amount: 1 bottle

El Bawadi Tehina is made of the best grade white sesame, El Bawadi Tehina is produced according to the latest technology production line.

El Bawadi Tehina Nutritional facts:

Tehina is low in Sodium and very low in Cholesterol. It is an excellent source of Copper, Manganese, Thiamin, and Phosphorus. It is also a source of healthy fatty acids omega-3 and omega-6.

El Bawadi tehina made from raw sesame seeds is lower in fat than Tehina made from roasted seeds. Tehina's relatively high levels of calcium and protein make it a useful addition to vegetarian and vegan diets, as well as to raw food diets when eaten in its unroasted form. Compared to peanut butter, Tehina has higher levels of fiber and calcium and lower levels of sugar and fats.


100% Pure Sesame paste without additives

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